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Who We Are

Roundstone specializes in high performance leadership, change management, and cultural transformations. In these times of constant, often radical change, human relationships based on trust and respect are essential to building an agile and resilient workforce. People need to learn and adapt quickly, communicate reliably, and work together more effectively then before. We achieve this symbiosis, by revitalizing an organization from the inside out -- revealing the areas within the collective beliefs, interpretations, and habitual actions that are inconsistent with the corporate vision and purpose.

We at Roundstone, are inspired by the magic of people learning and coming together. Understanding that moving from an old paradigm into the new is not a prescriptive venture –– rather a social, cultural, and conscious collective effort. We empower people, giving them tools to sculpt a new tomorrow: by coaching people, teams, and companies, to deal with issues up front, using honest communication in the now. In short, our work allows our clients and their companies to let go of the past, design in the present, based on the future they wish to create. 

Leslie Tucker
Mark Hunter
Juan Mobili
Dean Freeman
Leslie Tucker

Leslie Tucker, founder of Roundstone International, is a recognized leader in human development, communication and organizational behavior. With extensive experience as a senior executive, consultant, trainer and business coach, Leslie understands the true challenges that leaders and organizations face from many perspectives. Her passion for understanding and communicating the social impact and responsibility of our human interactions and interconnectedness has resulted in the creation of effective transformational programs and strategies that have been implemented across cultural and ethnic boundaries, producing extraordinary results in individuals and organizations for over 25 years.

Using unique transformational models and ways of thinking, Leslie partners with clients in building a strong organizational culture that delivers unprecedented bottom-line results. Leslie has a unique and effective way of bringing people together – from the boardroom to the factory floor – to unite all stakeholders around a shared vision and common commitments. Her work has translated into drastic, measured improvements in safety, production, finance, and employee satisfaction in numerous organizations including AT&T, Abitibi Bowater, Cargill, Chicago Community Trust, Dannon, Discover, Guinness Brewing, Kitco Metals, Monsanto, among others.

Leslie Tucker defines culture change as successful only if it is sustainable. To this end she developed “Train the Trainer” programs -- programs that certify internal coaches who transfer Leslie’s knowledge into applicable, sustainable working practices throughout each organization and into the future.

Ms. Tucker has also worked extensively in the government and non-profit sectors. Working on behalf of the Institute for Sustainable Communities, she has trained leaders of NGOs in Ukraine, China, Macedonia, Georgia and the United States to build internal and external relationships based in partnership. Her work in Moldova with the Millennium Challenge Corporation (MCC); an innovative and independent U.S. foreign aid agency leading the fight against global poverty, helped create a powerful vision between the U.S. agency and local foreign teams.

Leslie holds a Bachelors degree in psychology from Burlington College, and has studied systems thinking, organizational dynamics and customer service. She consults internationally in English and her work has been translated in Russian, Mandarin, Spanish and French.

Mark Hunter

Mark Hunter brings both practical and theoretical knowledge of transformation. He has twenty plus years experience working internationally and domestically as a business and executive coach. His book on leadership development “The Brink - How Great Leadership Is Invented,” was published in 2014.

Mark brings his extensive experience in leadership coaching and development to Roundstone’s Foundational Training, and Train the Trainer programs.

Mark has established qualifications as a coach, holding the designation of Professional Certified Coach (PCC) through the International Coach Federation. He now trains others to become certified coaches by working as a Senior Training Program Leader with Accomplishment Coaching.

Mark worked as a corporate executive for eight years, thus, has a great appreciation for those he works with, and how difficult change can be.

Mark holds B.A’s in mathematics and economics from Wesleyan University.He is a dedicated athlete and competitive cross fitter, who lives in Vermont with his wife Christa and their three dogs.

Juan Mobili

Juan Mobili, is a leadership development consultant, executive coach, teacher, father and poet. For the past 20 plus years, Nike, Disney, Danone, General Electric, Hewlett-Packard, McDonald’s and Microsoft, among others, has entrusted Juan to design and facilitate their leadership programs for their most senior talent.

His programs, and unique approach to developing the next generation of senior leaders, has impacted organizations throughout the US, Latin America, Europe, and the Arab Gulf States. AstraZeneca, Citicorp, GlaxoSmithKline and the United Nations have called upon him to design and facilitate one-of-a-kind presentations on their behalf.

As an executive coach, Wharton’s Advanced Management Program and Harvard’s Business Schools senior leadership programs rely on his expertise in leadership identity, context creation, and organizational transformation.

Juan is fluent in Spanish and English and is a professional writer and translator (Spanish, English, Italian, and Portuguese). He’s also published poems, articles, and translations in literary and business publications in Argentina, Spain, and the US. He was educated in Argentina and the US with an emphasis on Philosophy of Language and Social Anthropology.

Dean Freeman

As Roundstone’s business and creative director, Dean Freeman is responsible for promoting Roundstone’s services in the global marketplace. In partnership with founder Leslie Tucker, he assists in the ongoing evolution and development of training programs, aides, and ever-expanding video library. Dean directs and produces our digital and video content.

As a music producer of 25 years, Dean has helped hundreds of artists, explore and expand their ideas into fundamentally cohesive visions. He teaches teams how to let go of what they know, to adventure bravely into uncertainty, in pursuit of something greater, hopefully challenging their understanding, forever altering their experience.

Dean is a serial entrepreneur, director, producer, award-winning writer, and musician. He has a BA in English Composition from Beloit College, and a BA in music composition from The Berklee School of Music in Boston.

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